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Why does my business need sustainable graphic design?

Whether digital or printed, creating designs has a huge impact on the environment and we need to start being accountable to our Planet.

Did you know that the internet produces more carbon in our atmosphere than air travel?

Since digital products have become part of our marketing and advertising efforts, this carbon footprint has also become our responsibility.

Investing in sustainable graphic design only brings environmental benefits. Here are some reasons to invest in sustainable graphic design:

Help your business connect with the ecologically conscious consumer

Customers are increasingly aware of who grants their loyalty. An important factor in deciding this is the company's role in sustainable and ethical development.

By adopting and investing in sustainable graphic design, you will be able to show your clients that you defend the same values as they do.

This is a brilliant way to win over one of the toughest audiences – millennials and Gen Z. Clients spot greenwashing from a mile away, so follow suit and invest in sustainable graphic design.

Optimize resources and improve your return on investment

Sustainability means using minimal resources and avoiding waste. Creating designs for your products, marketing, branding and advertising efforts is one of the biggest expenses for any brand today.

Adopting sustainable graphic design can help you optimize the resources that go into these processes and, eventually, improve your ROI (Return of Investment). With fewer resources and similar results, the end result will look better and better.

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