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Slow Design

The basis of slow design is sustainability.

Values individual, social and environmental well-being during the process of creating a design project.


It also values recycling and is concerned with extending the useful life of the final product.


It's a holistic, thoughtful approach to creating brands that are part of the solutions the world needs.

Authentic: delivers on what it promises, building trust with honesty.

Aesthetics: designed with professionalism, harmony, aesthetics and love for detail.

Aware of: what is happening in the world and your responsibility to carry out the necessary transformation.

Regenerative: identifies companies or products designed to restore, renew and revitalize the planet and our habits.

Circular: symbolizes products and services that re-enter the system generating zero waste.


1) Research: I start by investigating and analyzing your project and your client in depth to bring you the best value. I always work with love, in a personalized way, listening and observing very closely.

2) Meaning: I will help you create a brand that makes sense for you, your customer and the world. Always based on ethics, honesty and integrity, I guarantee that everything I do, say or show will help your brand and our planet.

3) Inspiration: Finally, I want to help you feel proud of your brand. Pride happens when you combine an authentic story with a unique name and the best possible design, taking into account the small details.


Digital and Craft Visual Identity

Green Consultant


Editorial design

Video edition


*does not include prints, but I can suggest a printer

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